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Blink: Malcolm Gladwell

Posted by Atul Bhatia on January 8, 2011

“Blink, The Power of Thinking without Thinking” is one of the four books written by the best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian author for The New Yorker since 1996. The book throws a good insight into our gut feeling or one should say our subconscious mind.

Through enumerable illustrations, real-life incidents and research instances, it has tried to bring a new, often ignored perspective – our subconscious mind. We sometimes tend to ignore the feelings or impressions we get in a blink of a second after brushing shoulders with someone/something. But the author has tried to prove that sometimes those decisions/impressions are correct and are sometimes even not realizable after an extensive research or analysis.

Malcolm  has also given a 360 degree view point about subconscious state of mind and the methods by which we can train such state of mind. Though decisions reached or impressions formed in a blink not always reliable and under all circumstances but the author seems to have succeeded in giving us every reason in believing that it is possible and reliable.

The whole story and every instance is followed by an extensive research and the view points of some of the great researchers which lends credibility to the author’s point. Overall, I would say it makes an interesting read and has tried to bring in a significantly different view point about how we perceive various things around us. The book would, in my opinion, appeal to all age groups and would make a very good read.

It would be great to have all of my reader’s view point about the book in comments.
Wishing you a good read.


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BHEL interview and written questions

Posted by Atul Bhatia on August 19, 2009

One of my friends, Amit Gupta recently faced the interviews for the BHEL. He wrote his experience and all the questions that were asked in the interviews.
Following are the questions that were asked to him:-
Topics from which questions were asked
FLUIDS: was a bit difficult for everyone.
Eqn of Continuity
Reynolds number, Laminar and Turbulent
Do all formulae. They were asked
Petrol engine
Diesel engine
Internal combustion Engine.(Strokes)
Do all the CYCLES
Definitely do in MANPRO
Welding preocess
Metal forming process
Grand shaft method
ABC analysis
Following are the HR questions that were asked:
Industry setup
Drawbacks in system
Imp of industrialisation
inverstors fully invest in india. why not?? (say strict labour laws and bureaucracy)
AIM in life
How are u feeling here
Here is the list of some more HR uestions that were asked
Why is the manufacturing sector so weak in india

– Why dnt foreign investors inverst in infrastructure in india ( Strict labour laws, bureaucracy, give ficci eg- 67% labour available last yr reduced to 52% this year)
– Superviser question asked to me. EXACT QUESTION: U are a very big company with a very good reputation. Its 28th of the month and u still have abt 15% of the order pending. Ur sepervisor who has 9 ppl working under him has some family prob. He wants a leave. What will u do in such a situation??
– Long term and short term planning asked to me. Exact ques: YOU ARE A VERY BIG COMPANY (SOMEWHAT LIKE BHEL). WHAT WILL U DO- LONG TERM PLANNING OR SHORT TERM PLANNING?? i said long term. Then they asked how long? and on what all parameters will u focus?
– major problems india faces today( unemployment, poverty and illiteracy)
– where do u see 25 urself yrs down the line ( say on that side of the table- on ur seat)
– how are u feeling here?
– strengths and weaknesses
– family
– about me
– schooling
– what can u do to increase the production
– a competitor company manufactures the same product as u do. what will u do to make ur product sell more? ( say hardline advertising, quality and after sales service)
– things to be done to setup an industry
– do ur hobbies properly. they might ask
– why bhel
– why you
Hope this helps!!
Best of luck!!

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Google Aliases

Posted by Archit Jain on June 29, 2009

Many of you might not be knowing that if you have 1 gmail id … you have infinte gmail ids…

Seems to be a joke.. It’s not actually…

for e.g  if you have gmail id:


then the mail sent to following ids will also be received by your mailbox:

myid+8char@gmail.com  8char can be any valid charcter set of max 8 characters






As gmail ignores .’s in its username..


an alias made by mixture of various such alias is also an alias for your id.


my.i.d+love@googlemail.com will alsodirect uts mail to your inbox.

You can use it to filter your e-mails from some sources by giving them aloas id and then using a filter with to field..

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Towers of Babel

Posted by Atul Bhatia on April 10, 2009

One of the reasons why it is difficult to miss our Verbal class is our teacher. His aura of invincibility and his powers to keep inventing new things to make our class peppy never allows us to miss his classes. Following is the finesse produced by our team in a competition held in our coaching class.
Our team “pulled up all the stops” to make it success. Each participating student was supposed to contribute some words of English vocab in the skit.
(The following bulesque is based on one of the erstwhile theories which demonstrates the existence of large number of languages today)

Characters :

  1. Garima : Common woman
  2. Lokesh : Common man
  3. Atul : Common man
  4. Arnab : Minister
  5. Mayank : King
  6. Aakash : God

And finally when Kumar sir averred us to be the best team, the “guerdon” in the form of PVR tickets at any PVR and any timings for all six of us was nothing short of the “bolt from the blue”. Enjoy the vocab entwined with the literary plot that would “knock your socks off”!!!

Towers of Babel

Garima : Did you hear that sound? I think these strong blowing winds are admonishing(to warn) some catastrophe.

Lokesh : Look the waves have risen so high and the roaring winds have uprooted many trees.

Atul : Many a people have started leaving their homes. I think we will have to leave our place too.

Garima : It has been a fortnight since we have been walking and we’ve hardly had any food or water. These incessant(continous) rains are exacerbating(making worse) our sufferings.

Lokesh : It seems that somebody has sparked the fury of the otherwise magnanimous God.

Atul : I reckon that God is punishing us for some delinquencies(misdeeds). But I could not understand what could they be?

Garima :May God grant us amnesty(an official pardon of people convicted of political offences) for any sins. May his wrath be calmed.

Lokesh : Who knows how many of us will have to die to propitiate(appease) him.

Garima : But where are we heading? And how long will we have to bear with these hard times?

Atul : Hey look at that postern(a back or side entrance), I think we are near some establishment.

Arnab : Hey folks!! Who are you? What brings you to the city of Shinar, the city of the mightiest king Nimrod? Those who set foot on this territory with fiendish(extremely cruel or unpleasant) intentions will be punished beyond hellish tortures.

Lokesh : Pardon us for our intrusion(come into a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited) we have no intention to act against your dogmas(principles). The great flood has devoured our homes and our land and we have been left with nothing.

Atul : The god has wrecked an enormous havoc upon us. Lot of our fellow brethren have been punished with the death. The apocalypse(extreme catastrophe) is showing no signs of extenuation(weakening). So millions of us are seeking refuge.

Arnab : He is no more merciful. Mercy for you now lies in the heart of our king. He, who is above all Gods, will provide you with food, shelter and protection from any other catastrophe.
Garima : What a palace? I have never such an ostentatious(decorated to impress) palace in my whole life; such a stupendously(of the highest quality) beautiful one?

Arnab : I pay my tribute to the greatest of all kings. Emissary(agent) of prosperity, nourishes the emaciated(very thin and malnourished) , who deserves encomium(high praise), enamored(in love) by beauty, who enervates his enemies, whose wit is an enigma for thinkers, a distinguished enophile, whose foes are ephemeral(temporary), an epicure(having discriminating taste for food and wine) of distinction, an erudite,a scholar in epistemology(study of nature of knowledge), the epitome(person representing something) of mankind , accepts difficulties with equanimity(coolness), eschews(abstain from) cowardice, espouses(adopt or support) justice, exonerates(officially absolve from blame) the innocent, the glory of whose fore-fathers is extant, whose seat lies in the empyrean(the highest heaven).
May his mercy be upon all.

May I have the permission to introduce these hapless(unlucky) souls. Misfortune has befallen upon them. They are now at the mercy of my lord.

Garima: My lord, god has been unjust to us. He has sent great floods to our lands. Everything we would have called ours has been swept away.

Atul : There has been a mass exodus(a mass departure of people). Devoid of exigencies(basic needs) we have been left to the mercy of our misfortunes.

Lokesh: We wish to arouse thy pity, that thee may grant us a dwelling in thy prosperous kingdom.

Mayank: I see god has meted out misfortunes upon you. Those that have been unheard of in the history of mankind. My mercy shall be bestowed upon you and upon others who have suffered like you.

Lokesh: I thank thee for thy mercy. I solemnly swear that we will abide by your rules and would do anything to repay your debt. From today thou shall be our lord for thou have stood by us in our time of need.

Arnab: It is very unbecoming of god to have wreaked such havoc on these penurious(extremely poor) people.

Mayank : God is culpable(deserving blame) of reducing mankind to this abject state. We cannot sit idly and wait for another such catastrophe to happen. Through his pusillanimous(timid) acts he has provoked us to seek vengeance. Let us ascend into the heavens and wage warfare with Him;

Arnab : But to reach heavens, we shall have to ascend beyond the skies. How would we able to do it?

Mayank : We will do whatever it takes to wipe out his hegemony(dominance). We shall built towers to heaven and will then launch an attack. And for an endeavor of such a big magnitude I shall need your help and support and after our task has been effectuated(put into force or operation) there shall be beatitude(supreme blessedness) for us all.

Atul : We shall leave no stone unturned to accomplish this colossal task.

Mayank : Let this be the moment we declare our apostasy(abandonment of a belief) against God.

Unison :
Let us ascend into the heavens, and ruin them with our bows and spears.
Let us ascend into the heavens, set up thy idols, and pay worship unto thou.

Garima : Let us use these stones and start the construction with our fellow brethren.

Atul : The sooner we complete this colossal(extremely large) task, the sooner will our retribution(punishment inflicted as vengeance) be consummated(completed).

Arnab : Behold, you shall not touch the god made materials. We are building a monument to ourselves, to call attention to our own abilities and achievements, instead of giving glory to God. And we will use brick for stone, and slime for mortar.

Lokesh : Then let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly

Arnab : What have you done? Had it been you instead of the brick, I would not have been perturbed(disturbed). But you have dropped a brick. Now after having achieved such a great height it is an arduous(difficult) task to bring it back. It would take one full year to get that brick back to this height.

Take your positions. Aim towards the heaven. fire.

Lokesh : Look here the clouds are turning blood red.

Atul : It seems that we have slained all those who were in the heaven. With little more efforts we would consummate the expedition(journey) on which we embarked few years ago.

Aakash : { as GOD} :
Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. When people are unified in purpose they can accomplish impossible feats, both noble and ignoble(not honourable). Enough of our angels have been wounded by their arrows. We will have to act immediately to stop them from this destruction. See the wonders the language has done. It has enabled the people from far off lands to unite against me.

Let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

(everyone prepare their own dialogues one or two in different-different language)

Mayank: Lo, behold what god has done he has given us different languages. now we can’t understand each other. How would we build the towers

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“Do NOT” buy HP Notebooks

Posted by Atul Bhatia on April 1, 2009

After getting irritated from HP due to their services I could not help but make people more aware before buying notebooks. The following mail which was sent to HP services manager has been exactly reproduced here to admonish you all against HP. The mail would give you a fair idea about the grievances faced by the customers


I submitted my notebook “HP dv 1743” with “Serial No. : XXXXX” and “Case Id : XXXXXX” approximately a month back. Since then I have observed a very irresponsible behaviour of HP Service Centre (Kirti Nagar). All the people whom I happen to talk with, gave me completely different status of my laptop. Initially optical drive was to be changed which was probably done after 7-8 days. Then I got 2 different views. According to one, there was a problem with my motherboard “only”, and according to other there was a problem with my bluetooth “only”. Since then I have heard four times that they have received wrong part and it would take them an another week for receiving the right part, which has till now never happened and I anticipate that it is never going to happen.
I have already spent close to Rs. 300 on my phone bills for calling HP and for your kind information except for once I never received any communication from your side regarding the status of my notebook.

I request you to kindly compare your services with your competitors like “DELL” which takes not more than half an hour to even replace the parts like motherboard or anything. I know that you would never be able to emulate them but at least you can fix an upper limit like 7 days or something before which the problem would be rectified. And if you can’t do that, it’s better you shut your service stations and outsource the services.

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“Do NOT” read Shoba De!!!

Posted by Atul Bhatia on March 7, 2009

It has been a long time since I have written here and most you might have even stopped visiting. But I am back again but this time not something that would enlighten you (as the title and purpose of this blog goes) but to warn you about something that would do just the contrary.

It’s about “Snapshots” written by “Shoba De”. I really don’t understand the hype of Shoba De. What is she famous for? Her book “Snapshots”, the first and last I have read, is shallow of all that ought to be there in a novel. It’s the kind of a novel a 10th class student could write. In spite of her efforts to seduce the readers she has failed adversely. And comparing to the other literature that exist in the league she is an underdog.

An epitome of cheap voyeurism, it is devoid of actual feelings or sexual desires and contains nothing but plain sex. I know the comparisons can never be made but after reading the works of literature from D.H. Lawrence or even Sydney Sheldon, it becomes almost impossible to read Shoba De.

You can’t find good English, good grammar and her writings are nothing more than zilch, cipher, void, naught. But it reckons that to criticize something you should actually know about the thing and that was the only reason I read about it, without doing which I might have not been able to write about it.

So guys read if you have nothing else to do in this world.


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Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

Posted by Atul Bhatia on January 31, 2009

This novelette is a work of one of the greatest names in the American literature, Mark Twain. Author has very successfully depicted the adventures that serve as a good entertainment. Not only does it depicts the adventures of a child protagonist but also brings forth the unchecked racial discrimination with the niggers in the West at the time as earlier as 1884. Though harsh treatment of niggers seems to be on author’s mind, his central theme appears to be the adventures of the little Huck Finn.

The story begins with Huckleberry Finn, living at her aunt’s place. His inclination for adventures and tendency to set himself free from being under his father’s duress prompts him to run from his father’s place to the forests. He finds solace on the discovery of Jim, his aunt’s nigger. They both while trying to escape being caught again shares a good time in the forests. In spite of some untoward incidents like – being bitten by snake and on the brink of being landed in the trap of the people searching for them, they manage to escape and keep together. The way little Huck outdo the two acquaintances, claiming themselves to be the scions of older kind dynasty, is spectacular.

The efforts put in by Huck to protect his comrade Fin from being victim of nigger hunt are worth appreciation. But he could not help preventing Jim from being the prisoner at some southern village. The last adventure played by both Huckleberry Finn and his friend Tom Sawyer lends a captivating grace to the denouement.

The language seems controversial at some places but the author’s intentions have been best revealed the way he has written this tale. Some adventures in the story seems to be ordinary and does not live up to the reader’s expectations. But the author has been very true in the declaration in the beginning of it-

“Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted;

Persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished;

Persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.”

It also puts to rest the controversies of racial plot being considered one of the author’s intentions in writing this book.

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How to prepare for the best software companies.

Posted by Atul Bhatia on December 18, 2008

I am uploading the file which has been written by one of my seniors – Anubhav Aggarwal(placed at D.E. Shaw).

In this file he has written all one wants to know about cracking the best software companies that includes the biggies like – Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Adobe, D.E. Shaw and many more. Apart from giving the detailed analysis of which topics are important from placement’s view point, he has enlisted the time one should ideally devote to them.

To download the file click at the following link :  placement

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Microsoft Interview questions for internships

Posted by Atul Bhatia on December 2, 2008

I recently faced the interview of Microsoft for summer internship

I am posting the questions asked to me in the written test and interview

Written exam was a subjective test comprising only 3 questions, 2 for coding and 1 for testing. The questions are as :-

1). There is a concept of some magic numbers like we have numbers from 1 to a big number and in first iteration we delete the numbers leaving one gap like initially numbers are : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8……… After first iteration we delete numbers 2 4 6 8….. Therefore now the remaining numbers are 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19. In second iteration we delete numbers leaving two gaps, hence after it left no.s are 1 3 7 9 13 15 19 21…… then we delete no.s leaving 3 gaps and hence left nos. are 1 3 7 13 15 19 25…….The numbers which are never deleted are termed as magic number. Write a function, given a number, that weather a number is a magic no. or not


2). There are 2 lists (both singly non-circular). Both lists merge at one common node. Write a function returning pointer to a node at which the two lists merge and NULL if they do not merge.


3). You are given above function to use, but you cannot access the code of the function implemented in Q.2. Now you have to write the test cases for the same.

I did first two questions correct as written in the comments column and got selected for the interview. I will be posting the interview question soon.

For solutions refer to the “comments” column. Or for any querries post it in the comments..

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Great Expectations – by Charles Dickens

Posted by Atul Bhatia on November 1, 2008

“Great Expectations” written by the renowned author – Charles Dickens in mid nineteenth century, is a tome of literature. Dickens stick to his theme of child protagonist through the character of Phillip Pirrip(Pip) who’s life is transformed from the poor village boy apprenticed to a blacksmith, to an educated middle class city lad.

In an event of fulfillment of his dream to be a gentleman, supported by his unknown benefactor/benefactress, he does not show any infliction of being parted away from his dearest friends Joe, Biddy and his sister who brings her up. He leaves the country with the memories of Estella, an adopted daughter of Miss Havisham.

Through the apparent financial help from Mr. Jaggers a well established person in London, he leads financially comfortable life in the beginning but soon runs into debt. In the wake of different life of city, he could not rest his thoughts about Estella. With the help of his friend Herbert and his guide Wemmick he unravels the hidden secrets about Estella’s parentage. In spite of all his efforts he does not succeed in saving his benefactor Mr. Magwitch from being granted death sentence by the law.

After marriage of his love Estella he leads a life of solitude and despondency when Joe reappears and takes Pip out of his troubles by paying his debts and curing him in his illness. Pip then truly realizes his mistakes and visits back his country to see Joe and Biddy. He then returns to the city, truly transformed and leads a life of hard work to stand upto his requirements.

Though author’s description of various scenes and characters is extremely vivacious and vibrant but number of scenes run parallel and it becomes difficult for the reader to bind them all in one common thread and it deviates reader from the main central theme of the story.

Author’s description of Estella as an epitome of beauty and rich use of words in describing the characters of Havisham, Joe, Biddy and others is highly appreciable. The volume is a classic illustration of English literature and one wonders the dexterous use of it to make everything look so real. The vibrant us of expressions binds reader in the feeling of characters and make him(reader) feel for the them(characters)

In the end, I would say that this is the best novel to get a feel of expanse and classic use of English language. Though it needs great concentration to juxtapose various scenes running in parallel into one common theme, it is a best read for lover of English language.

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